Monday, 12/5
Reading packet,Study%20Guides/(Leopards)Reading%20essentials%20c.14-3%20Weathering,%20Erosion,%20and%20Deposition.pdf

Tuesday, 12/6 and Wednesday 12/7
Take notes on "weathering" using powerpoint and concept map.

Thursday, 12/8
Lab - Soils
Students take a walk around campus and analyze the soils surrounding us.

Friday, 12/9
Complete Virtual Lab - Erosion. Questions and Chart must be completed.

Monday, 12/12
Web Research: Sinkholes in Florida

Tuesday, 12/13
Rate of weathering Lab

Wednesday, 12/14
Review concepts from Unit 5

Thursday, 12/15
Assessment - Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition
Study your ISN to prepare for this test!

Additional activities