Weather and Climate
Climate vocabulary
climate learning targets

Monday, 10/31
Safari Montage to introduce unit

Tuesday, 11/1
Close read and complete workbook pages 285-294

Wednesday, 11/2
notes on heat transfer in the atmosphere

Thursday, 11/3
-Heat Transfer in the Atmosphere, Solar ovens

grade packet

Friday, 11/4

Monday, 11/7
Notes - Weather

Tuesday, 11/8
Web Research

Wednesday, 11/9
Lab - Relative Humidity

Thursday, 11/10
Activity - weather maps

Friday, 11/11
Major Summative: Weather

Lab: Relative Humidity

Virtual Lab - predicting weather

Notes on heat transfer in the atmosphere

Complete Study Guide

Close Reading

Lab - Radiation (Create a solar oven)

Lab write-up - Greenhouse Gases

Global Warming Essays


Science Notebook Preparation
Cornell Notes: Climate

Lab: Specific heat of water compared to specific heat of land

Notes: Climate zones

Virtual lab: Biomes

Notes on global warming

Workbook pages 331-346

Activity: Biomes

Review game to reinforce concepts

Climate change pogil

Test: Climate
Current event summary:

Weather Resources