Friday, 1/29
Organize ISN for Space Exploration Unit

View: We Stopped Dreaming video Neil deGrasse Tyson
Close reading: workbook section 26.1

Monday, 2/1
Create a timeline

Tuesday, 2/2
Notes on space exploration

Students take Cornell notes
include the following video in the Cornell notes

Wednesday, 2/3
Spin-Off activity

Thursday, 2/4
BYOT assignment: Research on astronomers

Friday, 2/5
Measuring Distance in Space
Virtual Lab: Measuring distance in the solar system

Monday, 2/8
Webquest: Electromagnetic spectrum

Review ISN 74 for parts of a wave

Tuesday, 2/9
Study guide
Parallax activity ===Parallax Activity ===

Wednesday, 2/10
Space Exploration Test


  • Notes on the history of space exploration to the economy and culture of Florida