Monday, 3/20
Microslide Activity: The Planets

Tuesday, 3/21
Lab - Kepler's Laws

Wednesday, 3/22
Directed Reading/WKBK pages 413-416

Thursday, 3/23
Take notes on the solar system
Notes: The solar system ;">Solar systemConcept Map

Friday, 3/24
Vocabulary Due
Use pages 750-751 in your text to complete the worksheet on the formation of the solar system.

Complete WEBQUEST on moon and other objects of the solar system

Monday, 3/27
Moon - Tides and Eclipses

Tuesday, 3/28
Gravity and Motion worksheet
Newton's Laws of Motion

Wednesday, 3/29
Speed and Velocity Lab

Thursday, 3/30
Complete study guide

Friday, 3/31
Major Summative

Complete cornell notes while reading in the interactive reader pages 437-444

Activity: Scale and the Solar System

Wednesday, 2/24
Cornell notes: Newton's laws, Kepler's Laws, orbits and gravity
Close reading interactive reader pages 413-416

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