Unit: Origin of the Universe
Wednesday, 1/4
Organize ISN for new Unit

Thursday, 1/5
Electromagnetic Spectrum Packet
Friday, 1/6
Notes: Graphic Organizers (EM Spectrum)

Monday, 1/9
Web Research: EM Spectrum

Tuesday, 1/10
Complete Web Research

Wednesday and Thursday, 1/11-1/12
Micro-Viewer Big Bang Lab

Friday, 1/13
Mini-Summative: EM Spectrum
Cornell Notes: Big Bang Theory
Activity: Tweets From Cosmologists

Tuesday, 1/17
Lab: Balloon Big Bang

Wednesday, 1/18
Review concepts

Thursday, 1/19 and Friday, 1/20
STEM Activity: Space exploration

Monday, 1/22
Mini Assessment: Big Bang Theory

Origin of the Universe

Lab - Spectral Analysis